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Social Media

Bloggers / YouTube Channels / Instagram / Facebook

We generally work with smaller social media platforms from 1,500 to 25,000 followers / Subscribers with a personal touch. We want to build a bond, we want to know your and for you to know us.


What we look :-

Beauty Bloggers with a passion for Makeup.

Makeup Artist or skilled self-taught artist.

Looks created.

General Page Content and layout.

Other brands you have post about (which is a good thing).

Picture quality.

Likes per Post as a proportion of followers / subscribers.

Comments per post as a proportion of followers / subscribers.

We also look at what kind of followers the platform has. This is generally done by analysing the first 100 / 200 followers and making sure that the following broadly reflects our customer base.


Do we pay? 

No. Before we send anything we will have done a little background on your site as mentioned above. We are confident in our products and we just want genuine, honest reviews, comments and pictures for our potential customers. We are however happy to send PR packs and product samples.

We will give credits for anything we repost on our social media platforms.

We may however ask a blogger do something special for us – a tutorial for our website, specific product photos, a certain makeup look, or even work on a photo shoot, help at a popup or beauty show. You may specialise in doing Eyes, lips or actual artwork with makeup and we occasionally need these kind of photos for our website. This would be paid work, with written agreements and be for our own marketing.


Large Beauty, Lifestyle and Celebrity Bloggers

We are more than happy to work with large bloggers and celebrities but would ultimately require direct contact prior to moving forward. For us it’s about relationships as well as business.


For initial contact - or contact us via our social media channels.