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1) Where are Carron Cosmetics Sold?


Carron Cosmetics are available online and stocked physically in the following countries UK, COLOMBIA, HOLLAND, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. From these destinations we can dispatch around the world.


There are a number of retailers in various countries. These are shown on our website. We are always looking for retail partners - stores, spas and salons - to sell our products in all world locations. If you are interested please contact us at giving us a little information about yourself or Company and we will see how we can make it work.

2) How do I know what foundation shade of Carron Cosmetics to wear?

Checkout our Carron Cosmetics foundation comparison chart, a guide that helps you match the shade that you may have worn in another brand to a Carron Cosmetics shade. For further help and advice E-mail:

3) Are Carron Cosmetics only for Women of Colour?

No. Carron wanted the brand to be all inclusive. Carron was black, that’s a fact but she didn’t see the colour of people’s skin. She just saw people in lots of colours. The brand was created for all women – Asian, Arabic, Latino, Black, White, Indian etc. There is something for everyone within the Brand.       

4) Are Carron Cosmetics Suitable for men?

Absolutely. One of “go to” product testers in the formulation stages was Darren. We have thought about repackaging or rebranding some of the products specifically for men but Darren liked the packaging as well. We would be interested in feedback about this. Contact

5) How can I learn about Carron Cosmetics product Use/ application?

Carron created a number of Tutorials shortly before she died. Some of these are on our website and YouTube channel “carron cosmetics”. However some did not come out very well so we are working on a number of new ones. If you need any help please contact and we will help you.

6) How can I find out what ingredients are contained in Carron Cosmetics?

All ingredients are listed on the Carron Cosmetics website for all product pages. Also all ingredients are listed directly on each items packaging. We are happy to send a data sheet for products upon request. Contact

7) Are the Carron Cosmetics products tested on Animals?

No, and we are absolutely against it. For information on our company ethics policies click on the “information” section on our website

8) Where can I learn more about Carron?

Carron sadly died in May 2018 following a 6 month battle with Brest cancer. There is a piece on the carron Cosmetics website in the information section – About Carron.

9) Are Carron Cosmetics products tested for safety for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin?

Yes. All our raw materials are sourced from Europe of the United States where there are strict guidelines regarding what can be used in cosmetics and what cannot. All ingredients used are FDA approved, Conform to European product regulations and we are further controlled by Invima (the Colombian Government entity that make actually make the manufacture of cosmetics considerably more regulated than in the USA, Europe and most other countries).  Carron Cosmetics Laboratory carries out all necessary raw material testing to ensure consumer safety, irritation, sensitivity, Product stability, ingredient preservative and Product efficiency. If you have extremely sensitive skin or any skin conditions, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist before using any cosmetics products.

10) Can we retail Carron Cosmetics products in our store?

Probably. We are always looking for retail partners - stores, spas and salons - to stock and sell our products in all world locations. If you are interested please contact us at giving us a little information about yourself or Company and we will see how we can make it work.

11) How long does the shipping take?

Depends where you are. We hold stock in 4 countries USA, UK , Colombia and Holland and in these countries shipping is generally very quick - 1 to 4 days. We generally ship international post from either the UK or USA via first class mail. Into Europe, North America and Australasia this can also be very quick. However locations like South Africa, Brazil for example can take weeks. It all depends on the infrastructure in your country. We will however, always try our best to get products to the buyer as quickly and efficiently as possible and track packages where this is possible to do. So far we have not lost a package and we endeavour to make all international customers are happy.

12) How can I find out if you have products in my country?

You can email us and ask or, you can look at our website for retailers.

13) What are your feelings about makeup for Children?

Carron did not like to see children in makeup. She would say “they have plenty of time to wear makeup and at a young age they should let their skin naturally develop and breath”.

14)  Why is your head office in Panama?

Because it’s beautiful. – AND – that is where the Founders Carron Enwright – Richardson and Mark Richardson were living at the time the company was created.

15) Why do you manufacture in Colombia?

Because it’s Beautiful – AND – there is a very skilled and educated Cosmetic workforce available, there are very tight manufacturing standards that control the industry, it has free trade agreements with Europe, the USA, Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Singapore (to name a few) which make the global shipment of goods fairly easy – these are just some of the benefits for the company and our customers. As the say – the biggest danger in Colombia is that you don’t want to leave.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask info@carroncosmetics