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About Carron

From a very young age, Carron had a feeling she knew what her professional aim in life was going to be. In Carron’s own words “once my dolls came out the box, I took my crayons and did their Makeup. I would spend hours painting lips and eyes and would never get bored”.


Born on Halloween, in London, the baby of 13 Siblings, Carron says she has always felt blessed. Carron and her family relocated from England at the age of 8 to Jamaica, where her father accepted a job as an electrical engineer. Years later, her dad's job led to a move to Belize, where as a teenager, Carron became very involved in the beauty scene. Not many people know, but one of Belize’s top selling postcards features Carron in the Background. Her Picture also features in the tourist guide book.


From Belize, Carron spent time in New York and Los Angeles, then she found herself wanting to return to her place of birth; London.

In recent years, Carron has been living between Colombia and Panama. I think you can truly call her cosmopolitan.

As the years passed, Carron came to realise she was born with the gift of artistic talent, a keen eye for colour and extreme attention to detail. “I would spend all the time I could teaching myself different Makeup looks, day! evening! every occasion, cutting pictures from magazines and pasting in my scrap book, Yes! I said Scrap book;”.


Remember this was before YouTube tutorials and Instagram came along (even Computers). Carron naturally grew into a talented Makeup Artists. Like most makeup artists, Carron has worked in department stores with some of the leading makeup companies, as both a Makeup artist and brand educator. Her journey as a makeup artist has allowed her to travel the World, meeting and working with some of the best Makeup Artists in the business. She has worked with numerous Celebrities from the World of TV and Music.


To date, Carron has been a part of the makeup industry for over 35 years. It is because of this experience, combined with the experience of our head Chemist, Carron is living one of her dreams and having a great time formulating, wearing and personally testing the range of Carron Cosmetics products. The Cosmetics are made from quality natural ingredients combined with practical quality packaging. She looks forward to sharing the entire range with the world.