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Carron Cosmetics has its manufacturing base in Zona Franca (Duty Free Manufacturing Zone) de Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. We are very proud of this, not only for our Brand but also for our highly skilled and competent workforce, who have worked with us tirelessly in creating our brand, realizing and meeting our ambition.


Colombia is not an easy Country to manufacture Cosmetics in. It is probably one of the most regulated countries to manufacture cosmetics in the world, far more so than in The United States, UK and Europe. This is because cosmetic manufacturers are grouped together with pharmaceutical manufacturers and regulated by the Government Organisation INVIMA. Therefore, all our cosmetics are manufactured under strict quality control procedures in sterile environments. We are audited by INVIMA frequently, randomly and without notice.


Why Colombia?

This is a question we are asked a lot. Colombia is a vibrant peaceful and friendly country; its cities are modern, its people very friendly, the cost of living very competitive and we would even go as far as saying that Medellin is one of the nicest world cities we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Most people know that Colombia has had its fair share of trouble in the past, but that is where the trouble firmly is – IN THE PAST. At this moment in Colombia’s history, it does not deserve the reputation it has. The people of Colombia do not want to go back to those times and are fighting hard not to. Colombia`s own marketing slogan is absolutely accurate. “Colombia: The Only Risk Is Wanting to Stay.”


Zona Franca Rionegro is next to an International Airport meaning we can distribute products with ease. Rionegro is 45 minutes from Medellin. Medellin already has a small but healthy Cosmetic manufacturing industry. The fact there is an existing Cosmetic Industry in Medellin means we have instant access to a qualified and trained workforce of all levels.


We believe that Medellin is one of only a small number of places in the world we could achieve what we want to achieve – a Global Cosmetic Brand. Many Global companies manufacture their products in Colombia – not just from the Cosmetics industry.