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Carron Cosmetics Manufactures its products In Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. Rionegro is in the Andes Mountain range approximately 2000m / 6500ft above sea level and the climate is perfect all year round. You will be surprised to know we use neither air-conditioning nor heating in our factory.


Therefore, our manufacturing environmental footprint is extremely low; something that is very important to our company ethos. Natural, Organic and Environmentally friendly. The “Extra Pure” water we use in our products is from a mountain stream that passes within 100m of our factory. Virtually all waste is recycled.


Paper, plastic, foam packaging and wood are all collected and reused or recycled. Excess or unwanted Food from the canteen is put out for the Ducks on the lake opposite the factory. Everything in Colombia has value to someone. Even our waste water is treated though an onsite water treatment plant and added back to the mountain stream in the same condition as it was taken out. Our factory even at full production creates no more than a domestic wheelie bin of true waste a week.