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Meet The Team

Head Office

  • Carron
  • Mark Richardson
    Group Managing Director
  • Adriana Perez
    Personal Assistant - Carron
  • Hugo Yepes
    General Assistant
  • Julio Cadavid
    Web and IT Support
  • Lorena Moreno
    Graphic / Packaging Designer


  • Alison Edwards
    US / UK Brand Manager
  • Kevin Pook
    Distribution Manager
  • Devon Lewis
    International Makeup Artist and Trainer

Manufacturing Colombia

  • Jorge
    Production manager
  • Slendy Rueda
    Quality Control Manager
  • Edgar
    Senior Lab Technician
  • David Moreno
    Production Forman
  • Carlos
  • Jobany Naranjo
    Lab Assistant
  • Sebastian Naranjo
    Production Assistant
  • Milena Quintero
    Production Assistant
  • Luisa Villada
    Production Assistant
  • Luisa Alzate
    Production Assistant

With A Very, Very Special thanks to our Past and Present graduates. Carron Cosmetics works with a local University to give graduates a work placement opportunity in order to complete their education. We All benefit greatly from this arrangement.

  • Giovanny Herrera
  • Jimena Montoya